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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Home School Dragon

Boy child produced the most fantastic clay dragon. That’s it pictured. At the same time as doing a dragon project at school, we are reading Eragon, as a Monday and Friday home school activity around Dragons. He loves the book and talks, talks, talks about it. Somebody gave him a Dragon book for his birthday recently and Dragons are the order of the day.

We bought some air-dry clay and he molded a dragon in a sleeping position. I had some koala paws left over from a stuffed animal project I was involved in last year (the Teddy Bear Project) and we used them as dragon claws. I also had one set of bear eyes that we used for dragon eyes. Boy is not happy with them, thinks they are too big, but he agreed to use them nonetheless.

It was a great learning and home school activity. As he molded and designed, he talked to me about all manner of things. We discussed home schooling, bullying, his Dad, and how boy is going to miss out on a trip to Japan because he’ll be home schooled next year.

I so wished that I had known that the author of Eragon (Christopher Paolini) was home schooled (see Christopher Paolini and Eragon: A Homeschool Success Story). While searching for links for this blog, I fell across the information. Excitedly, I told husband and boy. Boy displayed his usual Aspergers flat affect and husband teased me for being so excited over a dragon. Philistines the pair of them!!

I asked boy if he would take a photo of his dragon to illustrate this blog – yet again, another teachable moment presented itself. He used the camera with ease and told me he now wants to learn how to make a movie (yipes! I’ll have to research that one first).

So, from one dragon book reading, we have covered English, Languages Other than English, Studies of Science and Environment, Arts and Technology. Best of all: we have had no Aspergers meltdowns or refusals to partake in learning.

I love Dragons and I love home school.

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