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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crocodiles, Rainforest and Natural Learning.

We are heading off for a week to house sit for my oldest son. Although Boy is officially on school holidays, I cannot resist the temptation to embed our trip to Ingham with some natural learning.

Boy loves the outdoors: to fish, swim, camp and explore. The town we will be visiting offers opportunities to feed his natural desires and we will for once spend more time playing than working. Yahoo – bring on this holiday stuff. I like it.

Situated on the east coast of Australia, between Townsville and Cairns, Ingham is bordered by ocean, sugar cane and rainforest clad mountains. In contrast to the stark beauty of the place, Crocodiles patrol the ocean and estuaries. I have a very healthy fear of crocodiles and even though my four children have all been educated in croc safety, this trip offers another opportunity to examine the lifestyle and danger of crocodiles.

While house sitting, we are going to take a trip to Townsville and slip across to Magnetic Island. Captain Cook named Magnetic Island because the magnetic rocks created havoc for his compasses.

Close to Magnetic Island is Palm Island: a boiling pot of Indigenous frustration. A resident of the island was killed by police and the Indigenous people are furious that the responsible police officer has not been charged following an inquiry that found the police actions led to the mans death in custody.

This sad story provides me an opportunity to examine the plight of our Indigenous people, the history of Black Australia, and the appalling health status of our first nation’s people.

This may be the last post before Christmas. I hope you all have a safe and joyous time with your families and friends. See you when I’m back on deck.

Photo of a salt water crocodile taken on a recent home school excursion to Rainforest Habitat, Port Douglas.

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