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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Movie Review: Arthur and the Invisibles.

Arthur and the Invisibles.

A movie review by Boy, age 11.
Arthur was the name of the main character and he was staying with his Grandmother in her big old country house and land in the country. One day some angry city people came to the house, said the Grandmother had to sign the documents to pay her house loan in full or the house would go and the land used to build apartments. Grandma was poor because Grandpa had disappeared and there was no one to work and pay bills. So, Arthur set out to find the Invisibles that had been mentioned in his Grandpa’s old journals. The Invisibles are tiny little people who are the size of a tooth and live in the earth beneath Arthur’s grandparent’s house and land.

When Arthur found the Invisibles they asked him on a mission to help them to find the evil “M” and get rid of him. Arthur wanted to help the Invisibles but what Arthur was really wanting was to find his lost Grandpa and a pile of hidden rubies that Grandpa had set out to find before he disappeared. The rubies belonged to Grandpa. They were given to him by an African tribe of tall people, friends of the Invisibles. Grandpa had hidden them by burying them on his land, but could not remember where. Three years ago Grandpa had gone looking for the rubies so that he could pay for the house and stop the bank from making trouble all the time. Grandpa never came back.

Arthur found the Rubies and his Grandpa and tried to get Grandpa, Rubies and a Princess and Prince of the Invisible tribe back to the safe and good seven Kingdoms. They got back to the Invisibles land with savage water chasing them because the evil “M” knew that the Invisibles were afraid of water, could not swim and would drown. Evil “M’s: plan was to drown them all.

Arthur made it to the safe city before the water got in. The Invisibles, Arthur and Grandpa closed the solid protection gates just in time. Then it was time for Arthur and Grandpa to go back to real life. When Arthur got back above ground with his Grandpa, he knew where to dig in the garden to find the bowl of hidden rubies. He flooded the rubies to the surface and Grandpa paid the man from the bank that was there to repossess the house. One single ruby stopped their house and land being repossessed and turned into apartment blocks.

This movie is suitable for kids. It is a family movie. There is not really any violence in it. The music was good. The movie starts and ends with real actors but the Invisibles and all scenes of Grandpa and Arthur under the ground are animated.

I would go and see this movie again. I rate this movie five out of ten.

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