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Monday, January 22, 2007

Nice shoes, Boy.

The business of asperger’s and anxiety is alive and well in our home today. Boy went cable skiing with stepfather yesterday and had a great time. However, as always seems to occur, he gets so tired from the over stimulation that he melts down like an ice cube beside a barbeque.

House inspection, creating a website, playing on-line games, obsessions about “what’s for dinner” (from breakfast until now at 3pm mind you) and a late afternoon meeting with his youth worker has been too much for him to process.

In preparation for his youth work hours, I ironed his favourite shirt. That was the trigger he needed. I should have known he wanted to wear the red shirt that was too small for him. Who says it’s too small? Who says it needs ironing? Who says you’re the boss? Oh dear! He’s gone off happily with his amazingly attentive youth worker and I’m left shaking in shock.

I take stock in knowing that families do survive Asperger’s. I enjoy knowing that we have recreated a life where we no longer sweat the small (or big) stuff. I take comfort in knowing that my son has a gifted and brilliant mind. It is my job as his parent to help him navigate this world that demands certain behaviours and social standards for those from the wrong planet.

He’s right you know. Who cares about his shirt? He left the house wearing my shoes!!!!!!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

They look pretty good on him!

Seriously, when N. was in kindergarten, we had a great many melt-downs because he wanted to wear his yellow sweatshirt every day--you know, the one with the raggedy sleeves from being chewed and the red paint on it. And I really wanted him to sometimes leave the house looking "half-way decent." I have learned not to sweat it most of the time and warn N. way ahead of time when more formal dress is required.

He has since graduated into a Bears hoodie! Now I have to warn him of wash day--short of like Linus and the Blanket.:)

Megan Bayliss said...

Oh Elisheva, thank you. I had a good laugh.
It's so much funnier when it happens to someone else.
I took Boy to the movies today and he insisted on wearing another favorite shirt - also about 2 inches too short for him. He likes the bright colours and patterns on it so who am I to argue.
It is so darn hot here that at least a mid riff shirt allows any breeze to reach his torso.
I have decided that the heat must be unbearable for him with his sensory deprivation disorder and that may be why the meltdowns are so acidic at present.
We've still got the air conditioning on at 7.30pm. To go outside is to breath water vapour and drown in a gasping, coughing fit. The Monsoonal rains must be just around the corner.
Take care.

Sue Bayliss said...

Who says he is from the wrong planet? He fits in nicely with most of the family so I reckon all the best people come from that planet. Besides, most dictionaries say 'planet' is a heavenly body! Therefore, how much better than that can you get? XX

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