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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Starfish are Echinoderms

In response to his Grandmother's questions about starfish, Boy has prepared the following interesting facts about starfish:

* Sea Stars, Sea urchins, Sea Cucumbers and Crinoids (feathering looking creatures with many more than 5 arms) are called Echinoderms (scientific name).

* Sea stars (starfish) don’t send their food to their stomachs. They send their stomachs to their food. Their insides come out and cover over their food to digest it.

* Starfish come in all sorts of bright and pale colours: red, blue, yellow, orange and pink. Some starfish are just the one colour and some have spots and blobs of different colours.

* If a starfish gets a broken arm, its arm will grow back. The broken off piece of arm can also grow into a starfish.

* Starfish are known as the vacuum cleaners of the ocean. They live on the bottom of the ocean floor and vacuum it clean. Many starfish means a good clean carpet. I asked the man at the Aquarium if I could have two to keep in my bedroom.

* A Starfish mouth is on their under belly and they have an eye on the end of each of their fingers.

* Sea Cucumbers are cool. If you cut a Sea Cucumber in halves, you would see the shape of a star. Some people eat Sea Cucumbers. In Asia the people love them.

* Sea Cucumbers filter the food from the sand. They suck sand and food in one end and they squirt clean sand out the other.

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Sue Bayliss said...

Well. Stone the crows! What a groovy answer you gave me. Cool, 'ay. Now I understand why that lagoon in Vanuatu looked so clear, clean and beautiful. Thank you for such a detailed, informative response. Also, your information about turtles is amazing. I have got several photographs of really large sea turtles that Grandad took during many of his Army travels in 'Small Ships' around the Pacific countries. I will sort through all the photographs and get them out for you. Love you. Grandma (Grandad too!) XXXX

Megan Bayliss said...

TY G'Ma.

This blog is no longer kept. I am instead blogging only to Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business