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Friday, February 2, 2007

Division, sub division and lots of blocks of land.

Boy and step father spent the day on mathematics and commerce. Following a trip to the educational supply shop to purchase the required curriculum: texts, compass, set squares and the like, they commenced the days work with a blank whiteboard and a clean writing pad.

Looking for a teachable moment of tangible interest to Boy, step father found the perfect learning to attach today's lesson to: sub division of a piece of Australian outback. Last weekend, we all visited a friend’s property located on the Cairns side of Mareeba, 350 or so acres upon which at some time, a sub division is proposed.

Boy and step father commenced with some of the rationale behind why it is important to be able to divide, such things as fair distribution and the need to work out whether or not there is enough of something (dinner / sports uniforms, etc) to cover what you might be trying to achieve.

LONG story SHORT, after drawing a map of the property with 350 acres written within the map, boy and step father proceeded to determine how many blocks of a particular size would be available for sale after considering the property the owner wishes to keep for personal use and the amount of property that needs to be set aside for roads, parks, paths, drainage and services.

Some assumptions had to be made and boy demonstrated a reasonable ability to grasp not only the concepts behind why there are matters that affect the amount of land for sale, but importantly, the process behind how they determined how many blocks will be available.

Good and focused work with a solid result. Well done Boy. I wish my math was as good as yours!

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