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Friday, March 2, 2007

Extra. Extra: Read All About It. Carnival of Home Schooling #61

BREAKING NEWS: In this weeks Carnival of Home Schooling, Homeschool Cafe serves rich latte with educational flavor and wins international award for social understanding.

Australian home schooler, Megan Bayliss, stated that Homeschool Cafe baked the best slice of home school life she had tasted in a while. She said that she awarded the prize for social understanding because of the creative way the cafe mixed the contributed ingredients. "The presentation provides an immediate 'news of difference' for home schooled kids to aspire toward," Ms Bayliss offered.

Ms Bayliss also said she'd be back for more tastes of Home School News and encouraged others to use the Carnival of Home Schooling #61 for their own professional development.

Photo courtesy of those clever Mississippi Moms at the Homeschool Cafe.

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