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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Global Worry Survey for Home Schooled Kids

Boy is doing a survey for home school and we are hoping to collect data from outside of our family members. The data will be collated in an excel spreadsheet and then Boy and I will do an analysis on it.

The survey is on Worries. If you would like your home schooled child to participate in this global home school project please seek 1) their willingness and permission, and 2) your child's answers to the below. Record their answers in the comments section of this blog.
You have until Friday the 23rd of March to send your Worry comments back (and remember, you can include this activity in your home school diary as a legitimate piece of home school work).
Worry Survey

What do you worry about?

Please list 5 worries and add if you worry about them:
not very much,
a lot,
all the time.
For example: 1. Bird flu (a lot),
2. Not learning enough (sometimes).






At the end of our worry project, the collated information will be placed on Boy's home school blog (this blog), WITHOUT any names of who is worrying about particular things. This is an educational experience for Boy, to help him learn about surveys, differences in people and using Excel. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else. Perhaps it would be best if you registered your comment as Anonymous so that the rest of the blogoshere has no idea what it is that you worry about.

Thanks for helping Boy with his Worry Survey.

Associated article about our Worry Survey Project:

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