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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gem Tree

Boy has finished his Gem Tree (pictured) at Lapidary classes. We LOVE it and have decided to make some more as gifts. In preparation for Christmas, Boy chose little bags of red and green gem stones and a coil of green wire.

Too young to take the jewellery, gem cutting or faceting classes (club rules state 14 years of age), Boy can only learn about gems, make gem trees or assist with polishing stones. Happy with these options, Boy wants to keep up with our Tuesday morning Gem Club meet.

Gem Club is planning a weekend fossicking trip away. Camping and fossicking caught Boys attention and he became embroiled in the politics of where to camp. Giving not a hoot for the rules, Boy was frustrated with the oldies who talked non stop about people who owned suitable properties. Boy wanted to just go; to camp anywhere and to fossick to his hearts delight. Who cares about council by-laws and mining leases? Boy sure doesn't! What a lesson he had in planning, checking and insurance.

Leaving the old women to gossip the fine people points, elderly gentleman, Boy and myself had a discussion about firewood. I told him Boy and I made paper bricks as a home school lesson. Elderly gentleman was most interested, told us he had a press and that he regularly makes paper bricks for his fossicking adventures. He claimed that he never gets to his isolated yet desired destinations until after dark and is not keen to gather firewood in the dark (snakes - poisonous ones like Taipans and King Browns). Paper bricks offer an alternative and burn as long as hard wood. He said they also keep the dingoes away as they make a brighter fire.

Guess what Boy asked to borrow!!!!!! Oh dear, what have I started. Gem trees I can do in abundance, but paper brick making is a whole different level of energy. The things we do for our home schooled kids!


Kaber said...

AWESOME!!! I want to show my Aspie.. I bet he'd love to do that!


Megan Bayliss said...

Boy just adores going. The oldies all fuss over him without it sending him into meltdown and they thoroughly answer Boys considered questions about gems.
I've made another two gem trees since Boy's amazing achievement but I've already given them away as presents. I'm never going to build up a Christmas stock that way I'm going!

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