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Friday, April 27, 2007

How Much can a Koala Bear?

Home school family excursion this week was a trip to Cairns Rainforest Dome. Boy loves animals and fully engages with the animal carers. He can hear animal facts over and over again (Aspergers thing) without ever tiring or zoning out.

We had considered using a different educational reward this week, but after reading Kaber's FEN Fun post over at All About (my) Boys and seeing her delightful Boys playing out their animal instincts, I just couldn't overlook the value of another visit to our tropical zoo.

Boy was elated with the news of his reward and I figured I could bear it once more. The real question that begs though, is, how much can a Koala bear?

Boy found the above Koala's sleeping position somewhat humorous. Boy thought the Koala could surely bear no more of the tree truck disappearing up its nether regions. It does look funny, albeit uncomfortable perched upon a sawn branch.

Koala's are usually swamped by adoring Japanese visitors, meaning we can never get near them. Today however, we visited at lunch time while all the tourists were off having Sushi. This meant we were alone with the Koalas, their
gum tree all day as much as you can eat breakfast and their fact bearing carer.

Koala is an Aboriginal word, meaning no water.The poor little fellow above is bashfully watching Boy drink. Don't let his cute looks fool you though. Check out his teeth!
We had a great family day out (we took Grandma with us today too) and finally got to love Australia's favorite animal close up. Does anybody want to ask Boy a Koala question? He hasn't stopped reciting Koala facts since we came home!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Looks like fun!

Our Albuquerque BioPark has a wonderful "Down Under" exhibit, but we are not allowed to get too close to the Koalas.

I agree with Boy--it does look like an uncomfortable sleep position. It is amazing that they stay in it all day!

Lill said...

My 9 yr old daughter can't stop looking at your awesome photos. She's a bigtime animal lover, Unschooled, has ADHD and a sharp brain that's all over the place. One of my late son's birth brothers has Aspergers and the way you describe Boy fits him so well. I need to find a lapidary shop for him. Very nice blog, btw, and I'll be back.
Shine on Boy,

Megan Bayliss said...

Hi E and Lill
have read your comments to Boy and he puffed up like a Toad Fish.

It is so good for our kids self esteem to know that others take interest in their daily activities.

Thank you, both of you.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun day. I have always loved koalas.

Here via the carnival of family life.

Eric said...

My little boy loves elephants, rainbows and tunnels. I would love to take him to Oz, but the plane is a pain, especially for an autistic boy.

Best of luck to you.

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