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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Message from a Home Schooled Boy in Australia

As part of Boy's socialisation skills we are helping him to reach out and make new friends. Given Boy's Aspergic tendencies toward computer obsession we have created a safe section for him to hang out in, in our child protection website. I just about live on the site but Boy is bored with chatting to me!

If your home school child is up for making some new friends in a safe and moderated forum environment, then please consider joining the site and helping to foster social understanding between international home schoolers.

The section for kids is private. It does not become visible until a person registers in the site. I have the police doing their regular internet patrols and I immediately ban pornography spammers and delete accounts of any other spammers. It is as safe as I could make it. To date, we have had no spam in the kid section.

Message from Boy below (how great is this that I am getting him to write!):

Hi all,

I'm boy and I would like you to join the k.h.k. (kids helping kids forum) in my mum's website.

The k.h.k. is about kids talking about stuff, like what they like and stuff they do. No swearing is allowed and creeps get kicked out. To enter the kids section, you have to be a member and Mum can ban your computer if you are a trouble maker. You should hear Mum go off when someone puts bad stuff on the site!

This is like the modern way of having pen-pals. It is safe, fun and cool and counts as home school learning about technology.

It is only for kids aged 10-18 and your parents have to know about it because they have to help join you up.

Thanks, Boy


Kaber said...

good idea! I'll see if my boys are interested!

My aspie asked if he could give out phone number to a friend at the pool the other day.... It made me smile.

Megan Bayliss said...

Oh K, Boy would love it. I sure hope your Boys are interested.

We struggle everyday with Boy wanting to "make friends" by giving information that just isn't warranted. I think this is a misunderstood aspect of Aspergers. Their view of friendship is so immature that they act like three yr olds and end up getting used and abused by others their age.

Some days I bang my head against the wall trying to rattle up some new ways to help Boy understand friendships and appropriate behaviours.

Lill said...

I can so relate to this, Megan. My daughter doesn't have Aspergers, but she has severe ADHD and just doesn't get the social skills that would help her make and keep friends. She struggles with this until I want to cry or buy her a friend. LOL. I'll see if she'd like to do this. She's quite changeable, so who knows? She does have a blog, but we've only opened it up to a few friends, because of safety issues.

Shine On,

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