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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Carnival of Australia, Edition Six: Say Goodbye, my own true lover.

Like an Aussie mate we have loved and remained loyal to, today Boy and I say goodbye to our own true lover - the home school study of the geography and cultural melting pot of Australia. What a symbolic way to end in order to again begin:

with the sixth edition of the Carnival of Australia

and a special Seekers preview from esnips ("Who are the Seekers?" Boy asked - Oh what a lot of modern Australian history he still has to learn!!).

This fortnights tour of the Aussie blogosphere begins with the post of our last Carnival host, Rodger from Typing is not Activism. In An Australian Musical Tribute to the Fighting Spirit of the Pasha Bulker Rodger takes an irreverent and parental moment to chide the gimpish action of the Captain whose driving skills may need to be reassessed under Australia's new driving laws for minors! If the sheer environmental danger of having a damaged freighter so close to us does not alarm you, check out Rodger's second picture. The size of the freighter juxtaposed with the foreshore buildings make me suck the cold air through my teeth.

Mike Harmon has offered us Article Syndication- The Sky is The Limit So Explore and Aim for the Sky posted at Basic Accounting, saying, "Article syndication is a very simple process wherein one gets to share their article among various online sites which helps to impart knowledge through the web." Happy New Syndication Year to you Mike. My husband is also an accountant so I have some understanding of the manic nature of your end of year reports! Although, I must admit, when he attempts to share his business articles with me, I turn away and feign interest in the dust bunny. Article syndication on the web though - now that's something that speaks to me.

Wattleseed, lemon myrtle, blue gum smoke oil, alpine pepper, and paperbark - how Aussie is that tucker? Noric Dilanchian presents Dilanchian Lawyers - How I became a celebrity chef with intellectual property posted at Lightbulb, saying, "Intellectual property lawyer, Noric Dilanchian, discusses how Australian chef, Benjamin Christie and his business partner, Vic Cherikoff, have developed a book, TV series, Websites and market presence thus charting their own destiny supported by but independent from traditional media."

Ruby nicely portrays how sometimes nice girls don't get to talk on the phone for long: 7 Things About Success That You Can Learn From Steve Jobs posted at Advice and Rants suggests that being successful does not always equate to excellent customer service or relationship building. Did Steve pull off his magic again Ruby or do we all get to bite the poison apple?

Another of our Aussie Carnival conductors, Colin Campbell pulls out The Tooth Fairy is Coming Early posted at Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe. The decaying of children's ablutional habits is a sore reflection on our parenting skills. Is your child eating and drinking too much sugar? Read this post for, hopefully, a diet changing way of life.

Albert Foong presents The lost art of touching, Part 1: Caring, Healing, and Sexual posted at Urban Monk, saying, "The lost art of touching to boost all your human interactions and relationships." Touch is a basic human need. Without touch, Maslow's self actualisation cannot be reached. Urban Monk now has Part 2 of this delightful series posted. I encourage all to consume and reflect upon the importance of the words and the opportunity for change.

Gavin R. Putland presents VAT vs. Retail Tax: An open letter to Messrs Howard and Rudd posted at Putland Uncensored, saying, "A proposal for cutting red tape"

And while we're with the business of tax and cutting through red tape, Leigh Fraser-Gray over at Imaginif writes a Letter to the Corporate Sector: Can your buzz Words Play with our Catch Phrases? Disturbed with a lack of corporate social responsibility, Leigh raises an analogy of hearts to demonstrate which sector is valued more and which sector's bleeding heart needs assistance to keep our kids safe.

John Lampard presents Blasted posted at I agree with John's sentiments on being blasted with unchosen tunes when opening the door of an otherwise welcoming blog. I have my own tastes in music and know better than to share my tastes with others (I'm a mother of four children - they tell me all about my appalling music choices). Being blasted with music does not help me to read someone else's post any better. What do you all think?

Conan Stevens of Nathan Jones And Conan Stevens In Som Tam posted at Conan Stevens Online, is one of the two biggest men (and both are Aussies) in film history slugging it out in the new Thai action Movie Som Tam. Along with strutting his stuff on the screen, Conan posts all manner of interesting tidbits. Try this Boxing Kangaroo on for size.

Leigh at All for Women has chosen her Site of the week- Field of Women. An initiative of the Breast Cancer Network of Australia, they are calling on 13,000 people - the number of Australians diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 - to stand together and create the first ever Sydney Field of Women LIVE before the Sydney Swans v St Kilda match on Saturday evening, 11 August 2007. What a way to keep abreast of the female cancer scourge.

Gillian King comments that Paving and drainage make me happy. Over at the School of St Jude, Gillian portrays how no donations from Australia can drain the coffers of a Tanzanian school yet simple monthly donations can drain disease carrying pools of water and keep kids safe. Ummmm...which drain would I prefer to support?!

Remember the Safari Suit? According to The Age, The Safari Suit is stalking us once again and is prowling the streets of suburbia waiting for a hapless victim to pounce upon. In ‘Want to look cool? Get a safari suit’ says The Age the sky blue and tan crew over at safari suit keep us up to date with an out of date fashion. This blog is my childhood revisited and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it. It is such a shame that my father has since died. I would have loved to poke more fun at his antics of resurrecting the polyester overdosed silverfish hiding amongst his Safari Suit in the bottom of the Camphor wood box.

If the fashion industry can pull our strings, why can't we make finger puppets out of fashionable colours? Kirky, a true blue, fair dinkum, Indigenous Australian (A Koorie from NSW) has supplied a pattern for making finger puppets in Indigenous colours: red, yellow and black for the Aboriginal flag and blue, green and white for the Torres Strait Islander flag. More importantly, though, Kirky's Krafts & Chit Chat kirky blog also hosts a wealth of Indigenous comment on Indigenous issues.

In Imagine If...Highly Sensitive, over at Lifes Spacings, a survivor of horrific child abuse reflects on how her life may have been better if people had recognised her pain and acted protectively. How I long for the day we are all sensitive enough to hear the silent screams of our children and to answer them with the loudest voice possible that says we will not tolerate any child abuse at all. To JIP, I am sorry that you had to endure such torture at the hands of multiple adults tasked with caring for you.

L from Road Schola is a relatively new Aussie and is proudly awaiting her passage of citizenship. In Revolution, L reveals that she has been struggling with our rules around boiling the billy. However, L has now discovered that she actually likes a cuppa, a bikkie and the family diversity of type, flavor and additions.

Craig Harper, change master extraordinaire, posits that The Law of Attraction should be renamed The Law of Distraction posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, "I personally think the LOA should be re-named the Law of Distraction (as the title of my article suggests) as it (in my opinion) actually distracts people from change principles which actually work."

And Boy, tell us about your most excellent trip to the Laura Dance Festival: End of Term Excursion: Aboriginal Culture. What a great time we had and a fantastic way to complete our Indigenous unit of home school study.

That's it folks. Next fortnight (18th July) the Carnival of Australia will be visiting Colin at Adelaide Green Porridge cafe. Be sure to get your posts in early using the carnival submission form. I apologise to those who had several attempts at submitting to this current edition. Apparently the Carnival Home site was experiencing some difficulties. I hope posts have not gone AWOL in the process (I know they have because I have not received Susan's post from Arts & Stuff). If your post is not showing here, please resubmit to Colin's next edition of the Carnival of Australia.
Go the Maroons
(well....I'm a Queenslander!)
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Susan Borgas said...

Fantastic Carnival with so much to read. :D

I have re-submitted my post for the next carnival and hopefully it will turn up this time.

All the best, Susan

jumpinginpuddles said...

hey megan,
you rock the bloggers who wrote rock awesoem job everyone

Megan Bayliss said...

Thanks Susan and JIP.
Susan I am really sorry about your post disappearing into the ether. I know that next fortnight, Colin will ensure that your blogging art will be well lit and hung.

Colin Campbell said...

I have two or three posts that turned up prior to this Carnival going up, including Susans. They will be showcased next time.

Great work again Megan. Just got to push some of those lurkers to put up their hand to host. It is not too difficult.

Jen said...

Thanks for the link to the safari suit website. Don't forget it's versatile and wrinkle free!

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