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Friday, November 24, 2006

Home School Decision Delivered.

Boy child gladly accepted full time home schooling. We were disappointed at his lack of animation (how Aspergers is that!) but he assured us he was excited. He asked the right questions: how many hours, what do I do, can I see my friends still, and can I do stuff that I like? He understood the rules (well, for today) and says that he understands that it is okay to tell people about home schooling. Until now, he has been paranoid about people not knowing that he home schools two days per week.

We are going to set up our detached Granny Flat as the home school. It is fully contained and is currently used as his break away spot. He plays his PS2 in there in the afternoons and apart from that, the Granny Flat hardly gets used. It will make a perfect learning space.

Excursions and natural learning were of great interest to him, as were making volcanoes on the beach and attending Art and Lapidary classes. And me….I have a great weight lifted off my shoulders. The decision made, discussed and delivered. Our Aspergers special son can only now thrive in an environment that caters to his needs.

My career, well, I do not have Aspergers and I can and will cope with change.

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This blog is no longer kept. I am instead blogging only to Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business