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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Computer for Home Schooling

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. We had a great time.

Boy sure did too. Amongst a squillion other educational products, he got a lap top: a long coveted item.

An expensive gift for an eleven year old but we figured that he would be needing one for our new home school adventure anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone.

Boy is happy. He nearly didn’t get the computer though. His behaviour leading up to Christmas was characterized by the over stimulus meltdowns experienced by people with Aspergers. I spoilt the surprise by telling him that if he didn’t moderate his behaviour I would be taking the computer back to the shop.

Aspergers or just tantrums I’m not sure but once the computer surprise was out, Boy tried really hard to stay calm and in control. He really wanted a computer to play World of War Craft. Little does Boy know that World of War Craft is going to be built into Math, English and an emotional toolbox exercise.

Boy’s older brother bought him a game of Battleship. What a great strategy game for a child with Aspergers. Boy has had to place himself in other’s shoes (or boats) and work out what their placement strategy was. The assessing psychologist from Minds and Hearts suggested that we play strategy games with Boy so Battleship is a great gift. Thanks Big Boy.

I’m excited about starting home schooling at the end of January even though it means I will be working and earning less money. I am so looking forward to educating in a way that suits Boy’s needs.

What sort of things did you buy your home schooled children for Christmas? Did you get gifts for the sake of gifts or did you link them to home education or Aspergers needs?


andrea said...

A computer is an excellent Christmas Present/ homeschooling tool. In addition to a new laptop for my son whose computer met an untimely end (buy insurance), we got my duaghter a piano with lighting keys that helps to learn faster.

Megan Bayliss said...

Wow Andrea, your kids were lucky too. I am so glad to hear that another parent bought a computer. I have received some negative comments about the amount we spent on our son and about home schooling him.
Stay safe and thanks for your comment.
PS: Yes, we bought extended warranty and insurance with the laptop.

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