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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Water and Fruit for a Natural Learning Educational Experience

We spent the day in Townsville. Boy has been there before but he is always up for second visits. His memories of Townsville are of the amazingly child focused water park on the Strand (first two pictures).

Wanting more, Boy decided we had to go to the Aquarium. A negative response from us created an Aspergers melt down and prevented natural learning about recycled water efficiency, town planning and the social wages we all pay to provide free access to council tended parks and gardens. Damn! I so wanted to share the knowledge I had. What I will do is store the information for another teachable moment somewhere down the track.

When he calmed down, we took him to the rock pool (third picture) where both boys swam for hours. I sat and people watched and madly took photographs for future scrapbook home schooling activities.

Best of all in terms of learning was a stop at Frosty Mango on our way back to Ingham. Frosty Mango produces ice cream made from their own orchard grown tropical fruits. Although the ice cream was divine a display of tropical fruits offered learning unsurpassed by text books, internet or back yard growing.

Wide varieties of fruits displayed their uniqueness. Boy touched them, compared them and hand weighed them in comparison to each other. Signs beside each fruit offered information and history. I was concerned that the fruit variety may produce over stimulus and send Boy into another meltdown but he coped well and enjoyed the experience and the natural learning.

When you visit Townsville, Far North Queensland, be sure to include a picnic at the water park on the strand and the Frosty Mango as an educational excursion of sheer gourmet fun.

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