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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Educational Philosophy: Help Needed From Other Home School Parents Please.

While on holidays, I have made it a task to complete our registration application for home education. The Educational philosophy may need some tweaking and I wonder if any other home school parents could comment on what I have so far prepared. Is the below Educational Philosophy acceptable and are there areas I have left out?

Educational Philosophy.

* Education is a life long process.

* Education is holistic with areas of environmental and self-care being as important as classical learning.

* Teachable moments present themselves throughout the day and when capitalized upon offer enjoyable and non focused educational learning.

* Home education is learning a variety of skills in many settings and in many ways.

* Education is multi faceted and accessible from a variety of support people with an array of different educational backgrounds, areas of expertise and different views on life.

* Natural learning occurs when a student is relaxed, happy and in an environment of safety.

* We are co-learners rather than teachers. We facilitate a learning process and encourage empowerment by enabling the student to accept that we do not know everything, that our way is not the only way and that there is learning available to all of us by accessing community, individuals and institutions.

* We recognize that by making the student the instructor at times, a wealth of knowledge transfers to the student and a measurable increase in the students self esteem will become visible.

* Any situation is a possible teachable moment. To seize the teachable moment and deliver it in a way that will capture the interest of the student is a role that we take on as co learners.

* Just as there are different types of intelligence, there are different types of education. Our goal as home educators is to use natural learning AND offer balance across areas of intelligence and educational frameworks.

* A progression from knowledge reception to higher learning evaluation occurs when:educational material is presented in a palatable way designed to a student’s specific learning needs; when the learning environment is charged with a air of enquiry across all learning partners; and when the traditional focus moves from fact retainment to fact appreciation and sharing.

Can anyone offer any helpful comments please? What else do I need to include?

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