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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Home Schooling Curriculum

Home Schooling Curriculum is again confusing me. Writing up our registration application for home school is doing my head in!

The Home Schooling Curriculum we have chosen to follow is Natural Learning (unschooling) with a small mix of other curricula.

Can any other home educators help me please? I am eager to share ideas on how to write up home schooling curricula for home school unschooling.

Here’s a previous post on our teaching philosophy to give insight into our personal values.

Boy…I almost need a Law degree to sort this out with our Education Department! Just on that point, are there any law firms that specialize in home school?

I look forward to hearing from somebody.


Anonymous said...

Check out HSDLA. They are the experts in homeschooling laws.

I have never heard of the "Natural Learning" curriculum. Do you mean that is your approach or philosophy? A curriculum really means the books that you are using. For example, your math curriculum would be "Saxon Math."

It gets a bit tricky if they are demanding that you use books (i.e. a curriculum) and you aren't using any. You should probably find an unschooling support group in your state and join their email group. Ask them how to manage this.

Megan Bayliss said...

Hello Myrtle. Thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for the great lead.

We're in Australia and the laws are a little different but the research and articles at HSDLA are extremely valuable.

Natural learning is our approach but I need to write it all up to enusre acceptance for registration. Thanks for clarifying it for me. Honestly, the hours I'm putting into getting it right is totally confusing me. Previous advise has been to relax into it and just let it happen. What do you think of this?

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