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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Movie Review: Robin Hood Men in Tights

Robin Hood Men in Tights
Review by Boy, age 11

Robin Hood Men in Tights is a comedy movie. It is sort of about the real adventures of Robin Hood but there is lots of laughter, funny happenings, singing, make believe and take offs of serious things.

Robin has gone to fight in the crusades (Africa) and gets caught by the African guards. He is sent to jail. When he escapes, his friend asks him to go back to England and look for his only son. When Robin gets back to England, everything has changed. His family is dead. His dog is dead. His bird is dead. His goldfish is dead and his cat is dead from choking on the gold fish.

His house has been burnt down but Robin’s old servant Blinkin (a blind servant) is still alive and helps Robin on his quests to find the friend’s son. He finds his friends son Achoo (bless you) and Achoo helps Robin to take back his land from the evil king.

Robin finds two men: one really big guy who is really a coward and one really small guy who is actually a brave person. The big coward can’t swim and falls into a river (1 inch deep) and screams out, “I can’t swim.” Robin gets him out of the river (a trickle of water) and the big coward asks him to shoot an arrow at his friend. Now, his friend is very, very good with daggers. Robin Hood shoots the arrow at him and the dagger man chops it up with his daggers before it has a chance to pierce him. With the skills that they have: big and strong, good with daggers and Robin’s bravery, the three work together.

Robin got back his land and marries his love, Maid Marion (he even had to get her back from the evil King).

Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. But in this comedy movie, the rich steal from the poor to give to only themselves.

I rate this six out of ten because it is a funny comedy. It is better than the real story of Robin Hood because it is take off from a classic story. It is rated Parental Guidance so it is fine for everyone who likes classic comedy. Even though it is PG my Mum didn’t watch it with me (note from Boy’s Mum…that would be because I’ve seen it 7, 000 000 times already).

I like this movie so much I’ve rented it lots of times from the video store.


Birdwing said...

Hey Boy

It sounds like you enjoyed a few of the funny ha ha scenes in Robin Hood Men in Tights? How did Robin get Maid Marion back from the evil King, whas it tricky or hilarious?

The rich stealing from the poor bit is a bit like what goes on today, eh!! I'm really enjoying reading your movie reviews, keep 'em coming.

Thanks heaps ....Birdwing.

Boy said...

It was hilarious. The maid marion was not in love with the king so it was pretty easy for robin.

Robin and Maid Marion fell in love at first sight.

("Anything else?" Boy's mother asks. "No, not really. Can I play the Play Station?")

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