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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Presidential Trivia for a Home School Carnival

The 60th Carnival of Home Schooling takes the Presidential race to new heights. Not only is it full of interesting and fun American Presidential trivia (e.g. Did you know that 17th President Andrew Johnson had no formal education? His wife taught him reading, writing and math) but it is also chockablock full of amazing posts from global home schoolers. Australia even gets a look in: Megan (me) at Home Schooling Aspergers has a delightful hack to help kids remember how to spell “family.”

If you don’t know what a carnival is, check this explanation out on my other site: How to Find Comments About Sexual Abuse Prevention and Action. The various carnivals are always looking for posts so if you have something to contribute, join the race. The next Carnival of Home Schooling is going to be hosted at at The Homeschool Cafe. Submission information can be found here at Why Homeschool.

Shannon at Homeschool Hacks has done such a great job with her Presidential trivia that it has inspired me to home educate Boy into a bit of Australian Politics and to look at who all of our Prime Ministers (we don’t have Presidents) have been.

We are currently getting to know our community (Studies of Society and Environment) and visits to our local politicians would be a great learning experience for Boy. Although my career has bought me into regular contact with our local politicians, I have not previously appreciated the potential learning value to my son. Even knowing where their office’s are and what types of issues the public take to politicians is of immense educational value.

There’s some Australian Politics lesson plans available at the Primary School site and on Minti, there’s an interesting post from a mother regarding Teaching your children about civic duty.

And here's an Aussie Politicial Question to assess whether your kids are aware of contemporary global politics: Who is the Prime Minister of Australia?

Photo of Parliament House, Canberra, Australia, courtesy of paragen, SXC Photo Exchange.

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