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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ned Kelly Infamous Bushranger and Our Rescuer

Studies of the Australian Society and Environment cannot be completed without a good history lesson on one of our most infamous Bush Rangers: Ned Kelly. Okay…that’s the rhetoric. The truth is that Boy is so obsessional about guns at the moment that I have struggled to find a lesson that I find acceptable and that he can relate his obsession to. Thank goodness for Ned Kelly and the book I bought last weekend is all I can say.

Boy is going through another period of insomnia. During the night he grabbed the new book about Ned Kelly and began to make a poster. This morning, as Art was on the agenda anyway, I suggested we finish it by drawing a picture of the famous bushranger (pictured).

Writing: I am amazed that Boy wrote unprompted. When I shared my excitement with partner, he suggested that we cannot use it as part of home school hours. “Rubbish,” was my reply. We are so eager to help Boy improve with his writing, spelling and reading that his unprompted attempt deserves celebrating. Without being asked, or knowing what was on the adult agenda, Boy has also fulfilled one of our short term home school goals: To reignite an interest in education as a worthwhile activity.

Boy’s unprompted attempt at writing is a sparkling moment for me. His single paper containing only two misspelt words and poor sentence structure is actually evidence of success and I am very proud of him.

Art: Along with the picture of Ned Kelly, Boy and I did some more Sculpey clay work together. Boy made a 2D pistol (obsession or what!) and together we worked on a figure of Ned Kelly. Boy whinged and whined about it being “too hard and it will take for the rest of my life,” but I calmly began and Boy became interested in all the mistakes I was making. While Boy rolled clay, picked colours he thought Ned’s coat and armour would have been and talked about what life must have been like for the Kelly gang, our Ned Kelly figure came to life in our hands. I reckon it’s great.

Reading: While I was putting the buttons on Ned Kelly’s coat, I asked Boy to find me a Ned Kelly Fact that I didn’t know. It worked!! Boy read me an entire page of Ned Kelly's family history. This was no mean feat – he attempted some big words and asked what they meant too. When I asked what he had learnt about Ned, Boy immediately responded, “he stuck up for his sisters. How dumb is that!”

Oh the joy of sibling rivalry. I hope that this means that Boy will not grow up to be a bushranger!

Such is life (these were the last words uttered by Ned Kelly before his hanging in 1880)!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Boy has a nice hand! And I loved the clay sculpture. N. says that he looks a little like the prophet Joshua (due to the hair) but with a pistol. Then he said:"Artistic license."

We are looking up Ned Kelly soon! N. wants to know if he was something like Pretty Boy Floyd. His famous statement was: "Some men'll rob you with a 6-gun and some with a fountain pen."

It's funny, but N. is sleeping deeply now. It's really hard to rouse him in the mornings these days. We can't decide whether it is winter or hormones.

Megan Bayliss said...

Gee you guys are up late tonight. Boy just looked up the time in the U.S and it would be way past my bedtime.

I don't know who Pretty Boy Floyd is but you've given us some fodder to follow up with tomorrow. Thanks for that E and N.

I laughed at the Joshua resemblance. Tell N that Ned Kelly was nothing like Joshua: in looks or personality. Ned Kelly wore a home made steel all of head helmet that came down to his shoulders and a steel breast and loin apron.

I am glad you're having some deep sleep. I'm seriously considering going back to the Dr to get some heavy duty drugs. The homeopathics just aren't working anymore and Boy's anxiety is through the roof. I am trying to stay calm and focused but some days I just feel like sitting down and bawling (maybe that's pre wedding fatigue).

Did you get my email link and when am I going to pick you both up from the airport?

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