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Friday, March 9, 2007

The Flying Home Schooler: Africa, Cairns, Brisbane.

Gillian from the School of St Jude's has posted a Countries of Africa Challenge! The interactive map of Africa allows you to first view the named countries and then enter a timed count down site to name as many of the African countries as you can remember. It's a groovy way to teach geography to people of all ages. Boy and I are going to get into it on my return from Brisbane.

Brisbane...yes, well!!! At extremely short notice and on my only free weekend with Boy and partner before our wedding in the rainforest, I have to do an emergency and family related trip to Brisbane. Brisbane is our capital city and is a two and a half hour plane trip from where we live in Cairns (see the map for an idea of distance). The shock of my departure has unsettled Boy who is unable to cope well with any change.

I am leaving today while Boy is unwell and I am feeling anxious for him. Step father is highly capable and thank goodness he is free to look after Boy. Yesterday Boy slept for the majority of the Day. I wrongly thought that I had tired him out with our animal audit. No, Boy has spiked a temperature and has pains in his neck and back.

Living in the tropics means a whole host of wonderfully exotic diseases and fungal infections. Being highly analytical I am this morning having to stop my stinkin' thinkin' about what possible tropical illness Boy may have picked up. Poor kid, we over sported him and he ended up with Achilles Tendinitis and I would hate to think that in my endeavour to educate Boy with the most interesting and stimulating home school activities I have exposed him to some other tropical animal germy misfit. Who knows, he may just have a cold coming on. I worry far too much. Wouldn't you think that by the time I got to the fourth child that I'd be a bit more relaxed around the kids getting sick.

I'll see you all on my return. No matter where you are in the world, stay safe.

Map of Australia courtesy of Trailmaster.

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