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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Married

We celebrated our wedding in the rainforest on March 31. The day was perfect. The weather held, the guests all enjoyed themselves and in the words of an eleven year old to her mother as we began our wedding waltz straight from a Pulp Fiction scene,
"This wedding is wicked."

For all of Boy's Aspergic difficulties around coping with change and being surrounded by too many people, he did exceedingly well.

Our vows were a tear jerker for both of us and our friends and family shed tears at Boy's and Paul's displays of affection to each other.

Our Honeymoon on Norfolk Island was divine. We fully intend to take Boy back to the island as a living history trip and home school excursion. As I impart the historical and botanical highlights to Boy over the next few days, I will share the information and photos in posts.

In a nut shell, our wedding in the rainforest was beautiful and will remain a special and happy memory for all of us.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

How lovely! And welcome back.

Our wedding five years ago was a wonderful wedding, too. Sometimes I think you have to be older to really appreciate the wedding instead of geeking out over it!

Boy looked great with his haircut!

Gillian said...

Gorgeous! What a joyful day. It's lovely to share these strong connections.

At our best, we inspire others.

Many thanks,

Megan Bayliss said...

Thank you Elisheva and Gillian.

It's lovely to be back on deck and ready to tackle the world again without having to steal moments for wedding prep.

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