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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Imaginif...Child Protection Became Serious Business

Home school is out for the day because...we've gone live with our new website: Imaginif...Child Protection Became Serious Business.

My poor Boy. He has had to endure a very tired mother, change of home school routine to fit around mother's pressing web site copy madness and a telephone that has constantly interrupted our together time.

Routine is important to kids with Aspergers and routine we have not had. The upside for Boy though is that the constant experiments I have set up for him (to create some time for me to test the web site) have captured his interest, and led him to read instructions that once he would never have read and to search on the internet for topics that once he would have relied on me to do.

The biggest natural learning for Boy has been in interactive web site development. He now uses terms like blog platform through wordpress, forum platform, and html. Already familiar with terms like child protection, child safety, protective behaviours and social justice, Boy appears to have grasped that these terms mean nothing unless they are put into action. He told me he knows that interactive means that individuals have to interact in child protection ways or kids will keep getting hurt.

I near cried when the above gem came out of his mouth. He's got it. He has, in simplistic terms, summarised what I teach to university students. Boy's understanding and integration of complex social definitions blew me away. I am so proud of him. Although he has Aspergers, he has grasped the shades of grey around behaviour and community participation in keeping kids safe. I just so wish that this post had been written to add to the most recent Carnival Against Child Abuse because Boy's juvenile understanding is future child protection in the making.

I love you Boy: all the way up to the stars, the moon and back again.

Grab a cuppa and come and have a look at our new home on the web. There are blogs by many different child safety focused writers, forums in which to talk about any child protection issue (sun safety, road safety, safe parenting, etc) and a protective play shop. If you chose to join our forum you receive a free 10 page protective play tutorial, jam packed with play and activity ideas to keep your kids safe. Use the ideas as home school study around personal safety.

Imaginif...child protection became serious business.


Kaber said...

WOW- sounds like he is learning lots!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

You must be very busy! I did check out the site yesterday. Tomorrow N. will check out some of the features. Congratulations!

Kaber said...

Hey... everything OK down there??? hadn't seen anything new from you....

This blog is no longer kept. I am instead blogging only to Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business