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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Does Learning Ever Stop?

"What's a hiatus Mum?" he asked in earnest.

"It's what's happened to your blog entries at your Homeschooling Aspergers site. We've had a hiatus: a break, a glitch, an interruption, a burst out, but now we're getting back to normal."

"What's that got to do with that thing at the top of your stomach then?"

Oh dear, does learning ever stop? Boy and I have been having a great time even though our exploits haven't been recorded of late. We've had natural learning experience after experience and I'm sure we've used our yearly quota for home school excursions!

I have learnt a great lesson from my manipulation of teachable moments and natural learning on the run. There is no need for me to ask Boy, at the end of the day, what his learning has been. Prone to hate anything that looks like formalised education, Boy embraces natural learning and adult conversations. Try to reduce a conversation to learning and Boy gets somewhat angry.

"What is your learning today?" I now ask myself. By placing myself in the student's shoes and reflecting upon my own learning I now sit in a better situation to offer Boy a gem or two of my newly gained knowledge without it looking like education. This works for both of us and leads into discussions that may otherwise have been missed. new website is holding its own, my hiatus hernia isn't killing me, and Boy has excelled in his learning of life. We're back - see you tomorrow!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...


Welcome back!

You have a "hiatus hernia?"
That sounds un-fun! (N.'s new word).

I like your website and figured you were pretty busy.
It is interesting how homeschooling progresses. My is less and less school-like as time passes. I see that I do not need formal measures of N.'s learning to know that he is learning because I am talking to him all the time.

Megan Bayliss said...

Thanks E
Yes, I have a hiatus hernia that often dictates what I eat.
There's two foods that I LOVE that I no longer even nibble on! And Green Ginger wine - yum yum, but it kills my hernia so there's no way I will ever drink it again.

Reflecting on Boy's best learning, it is gained through conversations with experts - not people trying to educate, just people doing what they normally do.

I just have to match Boy up with a professional cleaner now and hope that a transfer of knowledge equates to him cleaning his room!!!!

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