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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Home School Decision Delivered this Friday.

Friday morning is our agreed day to tell boy child that we have decided on full time home school him next year. Last night partner and I sat in candle light around the edge of our home school classroom and reached consensus that boy will hear our decision but also invited to have input. I know that he will jump at the chance to be full time home schooled.

Extra curricula activities will be built into the home schooling day. He currently goes to a marshal art class (Kendo), robotics and laser tag. He learns so much from his active participation that we plan to increase this preferred way of learning. His love of collecting stones will become home school focused by him joining the Lapidary club and learning from non-authoritarian adults who share the love of stones, gems and jewelry making. We are also considering an art class for him and possibly a speech and drama class.

Library skills are an area he requires much assistance with. Our local library is BIG, full and too much for him to handle. As an author, I have contact with the senior children’s librarian and I am going to ask her if it is possible to give boy a tour after the library is closed. Partner works with some environmental engineers and scientists who do groovy field trips to count bugs, wildlife, measure distances and natural structures, etc. They have invited partner and boy along to assist with the counting. We are going to accept their invitation.

Over our fears, we are looking forward to starting home schooling for our child with Aspergers. We both now have our heads around how to set lesson plans to capitalize on natural learning and teachable moments. We are excited, positive and relieved.

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This blog is no longer kept. I am instead blogging only to Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business