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Monday, January 15, 2007

G’day Mate. Australia Week in the USA.

It’s Australia Week, so G’day LA and NY. If you wonder what I’m talking about have a look here and in Grandma’s blog, here.

In celebration of all things Australian, Boy is keen to do some blogs about Australian animals. But…he wants to hear from you first. What sort of Aussie animals are you interested in knowing about?

Already Boy has written up some of his home school Australian animal research in the Tawny Frog Mouth Owl and Turtle Facts. These blogs were a great way to get Boy to remain active in his learning. Hating ANYTHING to do with schoolwork, the blogs are working well as a way for Boy to record his learning in an on-line journal. So please help him out further by asking for some 11 year old focused learning about Kangaroos, Koalas, Goannas or any other Aussie icon that takes your fancy.

Last year I guest blogged Aussie Slanguage on a home school channel at Here’s a fun home school work sheet that I posted for kids to work out what the heck we crazy Aussies are on about when we speak in our Aussie Slanguage.

Australia Week is a fantastic way to promote Social Understanding and that is what we intend to do for you this week. I hope that you will also help us to understand where you live and what you do. Leave a quick comment so that we can visit your site and learn about your home school day.

Hooray Mate. Time for smoko. (Translation: Goodbye my friend. It's time to have afternoon tea.)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...


Please join N. and me, Elisheva, on our blog at

N. has Aspergers. We are Jewish-Classical homeschoolers in New Mexico, USA!

We really enjoyed the "Slanguage" exercise. I admit that N. is better at the accent though. Crocodile Hunter is where he learned it.

Megan Bayliss said...

Shalom and G'day back. Lovely to hear from you.

So glad you enjoyed the Slanguage exercise. It's fair dinkum fun, ey mate.

We're going to pop over to your site now and have a nosey around.

This blog is no longer kept. I am instead blogging only to Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business