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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why I Hate School (written by an 11 year old boy)

I hate school because it is so BORING. You only get one hour to your self at school and five hours of work. The libraries just have books on history and junk that kids don’t like.

The teachers are mean and only want you to do what they say. All the work has to be right and perfect. I think you are not a normal kid if you like school.

Home school is the same but my teacher isn’t the same as other teachers. She’s not so mean, just a dragon. The books are better at home because the dragon teacher lets me read things that I like: MAD comics, K-Zone, D-Mags and a whole lot of other fun magazines. I also get to use the Internet for school work and get to look for things I like to know about, example, jokes and pranks, science experiments and anything to do with World of War Craft and Rune Scape.

By Boy, age 11, grade 6.

This article is posted by Boy's mother - the dragon home school teacher! Boy's writing assignment today was to write more than six sentences on why he hates school. As he sat and wrote, he asked me how to spell words. This was an achievement because he generally hands me his work full of spelling mistakes.

Well done Boy. You may hate school but thank you for your efforts in learning and producing results of that learning. Now go and play before I breath my fire on you.

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